Break-free & Be!

The chains are heavy, the cage suffocating

I would know, I built them myself.

In my desire to please others,

to be perceived as worthy & caring,

I never realised, all this while,

little at a time, my wings were breaking.

My heart hurt, legs were shaking

Every second,

I found my energy draining, away.

Why? I ask

Why did I choose this for myself?

Why am I not who I am?

As they emerge, not one but many reasons

that have led me here, over not one, but many years

I tell myself, clear and aloud

I can do this, I can break-free 

and Break, I will

every stereotype, every label

and be, only me, the true me!

Not, who I am supposed to be!

Non-apologetic, guilt free

Just me, the true me!

Not afraid to be me!

Just me, the true me!