4 reasons to have kids early in your married life

This is for the girls endlessly delaying conception in their married life. Everyone knows about the scientific & biological benefits, blah to it. I am just going to talk about the joy of early parenthood; perhaps you would find some encouragement.

Congratulations!! You have just accomplished the most difficult task in a daughter-in- law’s checklist. You have made your MIL happy!! Of all things, you have given her one less a reason to crib and complain about you. Bravo!!

Your kiddo already has a sibling – in you. When you are a young mum, you have more energy, enthusiasm and ideas to be a child for your child. Until your kid will be big enough to make some good friends for life, you would be easily filling in for their sibling/friends, may be for forever!!

You would have more of the ‘couple’ time later in the life – Once your child would be all settled and by themselves, you and your better half would still not be old enough to be killing time in a rocking chair all day to ease your knees, You would still have many years to live the “couple life” all over again.  A world tour in the forties – who doesn’t want that!!

Grand kids – Your chances of playing with your grandkids are bright. And you would be able to help your kids with their kids in a much more energetic mode.