I am still wondering why on earth for this post did I choose a title such long & senseless

Well I guess that’s because I couldn’t come up with something more catchy, not that all my other posts have been with any perfect titles to them…..uh…anyways! What difference does that make anyway, I am sure the little number of people who read my posts, do not read it only if they like the caption, correct me if I am wrong though!

I am in a different state of mind today, and to be frank, am not very sure why I am typing what I am, in fact its not making much sense to me, but I am still not able to stop myself. Its not very me to be writing when I don’t have something specific in my mind, but somehow I don’t want this post to be of any purpose, I just want it to be straight, but not in a specific direction so to say.

Wait, I think I do have a reason here, perhaps am writing out of a promise. Thoughts had been rapidly feeling my tiny mind when I had laid in my bed last night, sometimes I feel my thoughts are too wicked, they only choose to come to me when am too lazy to get up to grab a paper or to boot the laptop, and then they arrest my sleep unless I cram all those thoughts up, promising them to publish them as soon as I wake up….But today, I am ditching them..I don’t a remember a thing!

That’s it I guess! Sorry thoughts!

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