Planning Vacations!!!!

Goods The Mornings Amigos[ o Yeah, m stll very not over with the lovely movie]

Very recently, a few of my friends have been contacting me to get info about travel to/vacationing at Malaysia/SingaPore/Thailand. Thanks to me being *free* all the time these days, I have been drafting new mails everytime[;)].

I had made this page almost a week ago but since then couldnt start writing somehow. So when questioned by my hubby last night “What exactly do u plan to put in ur blog??”, the one thing that came to ma mind was,  may be a travel guide, to start with[:)].and He loved the idea. Also, I am inspired by one of my frenz, who lives in the UK. She wrote about travelling tips to London in her exquisite blog, do check this out if you get a chance to visit the English land Her Blog certainly is an inspiration to many I beleive, and in many terms.

Having had the chance to live in/visit some of the most beautiful vacation places in the world, I intend to write about them on this page. These include India, Cyprus,Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Egypt, Israel… and some that I plan to visit in the future.  Ofcourse please do not expect a Nat Geo Travel freak writing here[:D].[ Ok I love Nat geo].

Well ofcourse this isnt the only agenda of my “Press”, as I like to call this page. I plan to share some of my personal experiences too. Well, I havent lived for ages now, but still, I guess all of us have a great deal of lessons learnt, irrespective of our age.My Family, Friends, Teenage Crushes, Relations, Surviving in a college headed by my own dad, my love marraige, the industry I have worked in, being a Momma …have all taught me a lot….and when I look back during my “Me” times….I realise I really have had some amzing experiences that I must share.

Stay tuned. I will be back with my next writeUp soon -> Malaysia – Truely Asia[:D]. This tropical country surely rocks!!


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